Komelon T3725 25′ The Tradesmen, Orange Tape


Case color: orange

Blade color: Yellow

length: 25 ft.

Komelon 412V 12′ Professional Chrome Tape

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Acrylic Coated Steel Blade with triple riveted end hook
25′ x 1″
Compact, durable ABS case

Komelon’s 25′ Tradesmen is affordable, functional, and extremely valuable. This is all because the Tradesmen has what most users look for in a tape measure. The Tradesmen has a thick, high carbon steel blade, a triple riveted end hook, and an extremely durable ABS case. Throw it around, drop it, this tape measure will do what you ask of it. It will provide accurate measurement and will last for a long time. Yes, it’s our base model but the Tradesmen doesn’t act like it. As a basic functioning measuring tool, this Komelon tape measure is superior to its competition.