MA70580 Klenk Aviation Snips, Cuts Straight


If you want snips that are comfortable to use and will not easily fatigue your hand than these MA70580 Klenk Aviation Snips are perfect for you. Easily cuts a variety of sheet metals and other materials. Klenk Aviation snips are a unique and easy to use design, with long lasting durability.

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MA70580 Klenk Aviation Snips Cuts Straight. New shorter handles with softer grip on upper handle gives you ergonomic comfort, reducing hand fatigue. Thicker alloy steel blades increase strength and add durability. Unique flat blade design makes this the easiest turning snip available. Improved forming process produces stress-free blades that resist breakage. Improved heat-treating process produces blades that are tougher and more wear-resistant. Precision-ground tips meet evenly to prevent fishhooks, burrs, and tearing at the end of each cut.