MWT-6900R Midwest Upright Left Aviation Snip MWT-6900R


If you are looking for aviation snips that will easily and comfortably cut a variety of materials then these are the snips for you. The 90 degree handle makes cutting more comfortable and ergonomic than ever. Try the Midwest Upright Left Aviation Snip MWT-6900R for cutting a variety of sheet metals and many other materials.

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Upright Snips aviation snips have a revolutionary, patented
design incorporating a 90 degree blade to handle that dramatically
improves cutting sheet metal and other materials in many common
applications. Benefits include: a unique push or pull cutting motion;
easier cuts in confined spaces, working overhead or when cutting
circles; increased productivity; improved safety by elevating hands
above working surfaces; improved ergonomics.

Additional Features

  • 90 degree blade to handle design ergonomically improves wrist range motion
  • length of cut 1-1/4 inches
  • Makes cutting easier in confined areas, reaching through an opening and up against obstructions
  • Improves safety by elevating hands above working surfaces
  • Reduces cutting time and increases productivity
  • Flows material away from blades for ease of cutting
  • Blades are hot drop-forged of molybdenum alloy steel for
    exceptional strength, durability and long lasting cutting edge
  • made in USA
  • best used in right hand
  • cutting capacity 24 gauge cold-rolled sheet steel, 28 gauge stainless sheet steel