MW-S59 – 5″/9″ Midwest Straight Aluminum Blade Compound Leverage Seamer


This product will save time and money. The MW-S59 – 5″/9″ Straight Aluminum Blade Compound Leverage seamer replaces two or more individual seamers.

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5″/9″ aluminum blade seamer set saves contractors time and money by replacing two or more individual hand seamers. Aluminum blades are 2″ deep and bend aluminum and other lightweight sheet materials in siding, roofing and gutters. Blades are easy to switch out.

Specialty Tools Specialty tools include wide range of tools for commercial and residential construction applications and markets including: sheet metal, siding and gutters, roofing, knives and blades, measuring tools and striking tools.

Seamers and Folding Tools Forming and bending tools seam, fold and crimp sheet metal and aluminum duct work, pipe, down spouts, coil stock, roof flashing, fascia and trim work.