MWT-6716S – Midwest Aviation Snips Regular Straight


This product features amazing durability, great comfort, and extreme versatility. Cut several different types of sheet metal. Cut straight, left curves and right curves with these┬áP6716S – Midwest Aviation Snips Regular Straight.

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MWT-6716S Yellow Handles – Regular Straight Cuts easy in Both Hands
Traditional pattern snips are versatile and cut a multitude of sheet materials. Aviation snips feature compound leverage action for more cutting power with less effort and hot drop forged blades that provide unmatched edge life and strength. Several models and blade patterns are available to meet a wide range of cutting application requirements.Regular Models Traditional pattern snips are versatile and cut a wide range of materials. Three models cut left, right straight. Cuts wide curves.


Nominal Length: 9-3/4″
Cut Length: 1-3/8″
Cutting Capacity (CR/SS): 18/22
Cuts wide left and right curves and straight